Queens is a high-school dramedy webcomic set in Queens, New York.

Daniel is an overseas student from England who wants to live his life in peace. However he is immediately under the school spotlight on his first day. In a stroke of fate, he finds himself forming the bonds of friendship.
But Daniel keeps to himself.

There are some things that people should never know about him...

Updates Wednesdays and Saturdays

Warning: May give you stress and frustration from stupid teenagers.

Important Disclaimer (15/03/2019)- 

This comic was originally a collaboration project from 2016. Due to personal differences, we've now split. Chapter 3 and beyond will still have ideas from our collabaration, but will be different in order to fit the story now being restructured and changed.
I will not ignore the impact my partner has given me in terms of story and characters, and I will forever thank them for that. However, as I am unable to speak with them anymore, this is important for me to state.